Spring Framework 5 is coming – with many shiny features – including a new reactive framework. You can find the list of new features at many places in the Internet. Here is a good post on it.

So, I gave a closer look to figure out what’s in it for my students. Most of the grand features doesn’t seem to affect a common developer, though. Reactive programming may take off sometime in future, but the ecosystem doesn’t seem ready yet, and it may take time for the enterprise to embrace it.

However, the Spring source code has been upgraded to Java 8, and here is where you may get some pleasant surprises.

For example, Spring 4 had a WebMvcConfigurarAdapter that you’d extend for customizing Spring MVC configuration. That’s now deprecated! Looking at its source code will tell you that it implements WebMvcConfigurer and provides empty implementations of all the methods, allowing you override only what you need. But now that Java 8 supports default method implementations in interfaces, the empty implementations are now moved up to the WebMvcConfigurer interface.

So, you no more need to extend from WebMvcConfigurarAdapter. Implement WebMvcConfigurer straigntaway!

Be ready for such good surprises.